Extrusion dies

For more than 40 years the Nordson EDI flat dies have been famous for their quality, performance and reliability. Starting from standard types, we customize every die with optional features and with a flow geometry especially designed for your polymers. Indeed, a customized die, fully adapted to your specific needs, is the best guarantee to achieve the high demands of your application (coating, cast film, film, thin sheet, thick sheet, strands).


  • die widths from 100 mm for laboratory applications to over 8000 mm for geomembrane applications
  • end product thickness ranges from a few micron for film to more than 50 mm for thick sheet
  • single-manifold dies, possible combination with a coextrusion adapter for multi-layer applications
  • multi-manifold dies, possible combination with one or more coextrusion adapters for the production of more sophisticated structures
  • flow geometries customized to the properties of your polymers and designed with state-of-the-art 3D polymer flow software based on Finite Element Analysis
  • full range of flexlip adjustment systems for both manual and automatic dies; for automatic dies the best suitable system has to be chosen in function of the required reaction time and adjustment range